Andrea Francis

Online marketing in Dublin, Ireland

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It's very hard to summarise a whole person in a few lines on the internet. So I'll summarise myself in terms of a) what are my personal goals, b) what are my professional goals, and how far I think I'm progressing in both.

A) Personal goals:

I find working out VERY hard to do. It's mostly sucks. But I know I gotta do it. In order to make myself do it, I signed up for a round-Ireland charity cycle trip (80km a day for 14 days straight). And guess what? It's working! Setting a crazy, seemingly unachievable goal is what wakes me up in the morning (literally) and has resulted in a rock-solid pair of legs.

I'm trying to disconnect a little more from the online universe and remember how to be a better partner. It's when I spend 3 hours on a Monday night half asleep in front of Netflix as well as simultaneously scanning WhatsApp and Facebook that I feel guilty not chewing the fat over a cup of tea and a box of Lego with my man. This is going to be an ongoing battle.

B) Professional goals:

I absolutely love the power of CRO (conversion rate optimisation). I have no idea why I fell head over heels for that aspect of marketing over something cooler like SEO or social media. Well - not NO idea, exactly. I hate to see waste and I love a good process! It breaks my heart to see traffic going to a website just leak away. So I want to know more.

That being said, there is a hell of a lot to learn - analytics, behavioural psychology, creative content, code... I am making inroads but I'm hungry for more. This year's goal: get the GA certification and read books on the intersection of websites and the human mind.

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