Andrea Morone

Teacher in Puglia, Italia

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Andrea Morone received his PhD in Economics at York University in 2008 and is now an Associate Professor at the University of Bari. His main research areas are focused on questions in the economics of decision making under risk and uncertainty, with a particular emphasis on the use of experimental methods. In the last years he has investigated problems related to: (i) herd behaviour in financial markets; (ii) experimental finance (iii) market and mechanism; (iv) cooperation and coordination games (i.e. prisoner dilemma; traveller dilemma; public goods; and guessing game). Recently, he has been engaged in three projects. The first one involves experiments and simulations on information diffusion dynamics. The second one analyse social dilemma under risk, uncertainty and strategic uncertainty. The last one is related to the estimation of individuals and groups preferences. Prof. Morone is the director of the laboratory of experimental economics (ESSE) in Bari and a member of the experimental economics laboratory (LEE) at the Jaume I Universiry. He is associated editor for the Bulletin of Economic Research, and the Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination. He worked and collaborated with many international University and institutions among which: the York University, the Kiel University, the Max Planch Institute of Jena, the Girona University and the University Jaume I

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    • Università degli Studi di Bari
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    • Phd, Economics
    • Phd Statistics