Andrea Cortellari

Milano, Italia

Born in a small thingy not far from Varese, much closer to the mountains than to Milan, I spent there most of my life, before moving to the city.

Since 2011, I have been working at il Giornale, an italian right-wing newspaper. I started as an intern, than I was hired as a journalist, to follow mostly breaking news. Here I started to nurture a passion for the Middle East, which led me to read a lot about the subject and in a couple of journeys worth remembering.

Holding a degree (BA) in Media Communication from Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, I chose to specialize in the field of Oriental Studies in Naples.

I have a passion for long, detailed stories and boring, nerdy topics. I do, also, read a lot. I embarked in a journey to read Egyptian authors published in translation in Italy. At the moment: I love al-Busati, admire Ibrahim, mixed feelings about Kharrat.

Last year, I started studying arabic, but to be honest my knowledge of it is a shame and I should really start to take my homeworks more seriously.

In my spare time, I have done some translation work for Medium (EN/IT), a project I personally find quite interesting.

I once was an hip-hop aficionado, if the term applies to years of obsession with the genre. I wrote about the subject in a couple of niche online publication for a while.

  • Work
    • ilGiornale
  • Education
    • Università Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore
    • Liceo classico Ernesto Cairoli, Varese