Andrea Adorio

For 15 years, Andrea Adorio has dealed a lot of trails and triumphs in life. She's an open book yet few pages of her is unread and unknown—not even herself knows it.

Born in Manila on April 21, 1999, this young lady started attending her school in Academy of Saint John–La Salle Greenhills Supervised. She became one of the varsity team of the Sea Archers or Swimming team and has gained awards in several competitions. After 9 years, she transferred to St. Edward Integrated School and currently the Associate and Photo editor of The Estoile and Feature editor of Ang Tambuli (school publication in English and Filipino).

Aside from school, Andrea is also known for being a bookworm. She plans to have a blog regarding reviews of different books. She is also a huge fan of Katy Perry and has an unconditional love for her since 5th grade. Sweets, pastries, and Starbucks: these things comfort her (aside from sleep) after a busy schedule in school.

Above all stated, she never forgets to be grateful to Him with all the blessings He has bestowed.