Andrea Berretta

Andrea Berretta is born in a cold snowy day in early 1983 in Novi Ligure, a small town in the North of Italy. Since he was a child he spends most of time drawing, playing with Lego and doing tricks to his peers. After a sensational wrong choice of high school he registers at the Design University in Genoa graduating with honors in July 2006, and he begin to ship tons of rèsumè without any satisfactory results. So in 2007 he chose to start a career as a freelance creating Pepper and practicing the craft of illustration and graphic design. In the same period he meet some promising young Italian creatives and starts some side projects, founding the e-magazine Pìcame and becoming the creative director of it. He's also among the founders of Leaf, an italian multimedia agency specialized in brand and web design. He loves nature, books and movies about Batman. His distant future is behind the kitchen of a family-run bistro.