Andrea Li

I'm a Christ follower, a mom to my beautiful daughter, an optimist. I love what I do and like wine, be sweeter with time. I began my love for horticulture about the time I was finished high school. I took a position at a local garden centre, and there I learned that horticulture was going to be apart of who I'll always be. Over the next few years I worked for a couple of different landscape outfits. Each giving me new experiences to add to my résumé. I landed my first job on a golf course in 2005. There I absolutely knew this is what I was looking for, a job that compliments my skills. I was mentored by one of the most influential persons in my life, Ralph Watkins. He taught me how to read a green, maintain a golf course and gave me a few pointers of how to swing a club. I am working towards Superintendents position, to operate a turf care department would be a dream come true. I was the Assistant Superintendent at Connaught Golf Club in Medicine Hat, Alberta from February 2012 to December 2014. My love for horticulture has brought me back home to Calgary where I am serving the City of Calgary people."Extraordinary journeys begin where it's least expected." - Andrea Li (2012)

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