Andrea Carolina Mogollon Espitia

Student in Cartagena, Colombia

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My name is Andrea, my middle name is Carolina and my last name is Mogollon Espitia. My age is 22 years old, I am from Colombia, I live in Cartagena in Blasdelezo neighborhood. I was born on 3rd of September 1993. I am a student of the Tecnologico Comfenalco, I am student of public accounting program. My cell phone number is 3006990649 and My e-mail address is

I live with my parents, My mother name is Mayra her hobbie is dancing, she is a housewife and my father´s name is Holmes , his hobbie is playing soccer , he is a Spanish teacher.

I'm tall, my hair is long and black, my eyes are dark brown, my nose and ears are small, I'm thin. My hobbies are playing volleibol , watch tv or going to the cinema with my friends, I do not like horror movies , My favorite music a meringue and vallenato, my favorite singers are Juan Luis Guerra and Shakira.

I'm working on district mayor of Cartagena de India, I do my work in the team of public accountants.

I characterize myself as a responsible, honest and determined person, I always rach my goals.

My favorite color is blue, I wear light clothing such as dresses and short, my favorite clothing brand is Leonissa. I like to share with my friends and eat pizza especially with my boyfriend with them. My best friend's name is Martha, I know her from school, 15 years ago sinee high school. My favorite place is the beach.

I don´t have allergies, my blood type is A +, I am a very healthy person I have a balanced diet.