A. L. Dorrs

Writer, Recruitment Consultant, and Development Consultant and Coach in Chester, United Kingdom

Through the diversity and challenges of life I have found within me a richness of self which I am still exploring and enjoying the journey and process.

I enjoy a range of things to keep me inspired. I run my own recruitment consultancy as well as offering personal and professional coaching for women. I specialise in coaching people who have animals, and exploring the highs and lows of that relationship and how that empowers us to develop ourselves.

I am a writer and am publishing my first book this year. I am also a keen horse woman, currently setting up a foundation that researches the connection and benefit therefore of animals with people in a therapeutic environment. I am also passionately involved in animal rescue and rehabilitation.

For me, life is about discovery and this can be finding out what you don't like as much as what you do. In fact, it is sometimes only through working out the things we definitely don't want to do that we can push ourselves onto our true path.

Sometimes our window to the world is a difficult one to get right. There are so many things that make us who we are that to try and describe it in words, often can fall short.

The people who I think would benefit from a connection with me are people who love animals, need inspiration for a new job or new life path and those who are ready to be brave about making changes in their life and discovering who they can be.

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