Andre Ankton

Digital Marketing Strategist in Dallas, Texas

Andre Ankton is a nationally recognized leader in the relatively new field of mobile engagement. He is an award winning entrepreneur, business coach, trainer, author, speaker, and voice actor. He has a genuine passion for helping today's entrepreneurs understand the benefits of utilizing mobile media to engage their target market.

Andre has mentored and connected with clients worldwide and has international coaching, marketing and technology clients. A 20+ year I.T. consultant and Project Manager, he has worked on projects with the major wireless carriers and several Fortune 500 brands. He is the Managing Partner at Innovarus Marketing, an interactive digital marketing agency based in Dallas,Texas.

Andre enjoys working with business owners to help them harness the power of mobile to connect with their target market. He is a power networker creating joint ventures in all industries. He looks to partner with companies to grow their brand and engage their target market.

  • Work
    • Managing Partner at Innovarus Media, LLC