Andrea Rabbaglietti

Software Engineer, Project Manager, and Public Speaker in Bari, Italia

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I love to develop in Django.

I can define myself a Senior Programmer and a Technical Leader, specialized in projects that uses Python/Django as backend and JS (require.js/browserify structured pattern) as frontend connected through methodologies like RESTful calls or traditional HTML server side rendering.
As corollary I have robust knowledge of Linux servers management, dev-ops automation tasks and Python application environment deployment. My particular experience makes me capable of autonomous development plus a great integration skill with teams. An in depth knowledge of all development problematics makes me a competent Project Manager and Tech Advisor.

Furthermore, I love distributed-systems, server-side caching optimization (with some cool stuff like and scalability.

The recipe is: Dev-Ops | Linux | Python | Django | PostgreSQL | Redis | Flask | MongoDB | Distributed computing | Web scaling | Machine Learning | Networking * shake all and serve chilled.. it'me :)

  • Work
    • Sr. Software Engineer @ Snap
  • Education
    • University of Bari - B.Sc. Computer Science