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Andreas Boehm

I'm a PACS / RIS / EHealth Implementation Specialist in Linz, Austria where I work for a multinational engineering and electronics conglomerate company in the healthcare sector.

As a systems engineer I'm implementing and taking care of picture archiving communication systems as well as ehealth systems for medical imaging at hospitals and private customers in upper austria.

At the other side and as a hobby I'm pyrotechnician running a small company with a friend. We provide fireworks for every kind of social occasions and sell pyrotechnic articles.

Befor working as systems engineer I wrought as a lighting design engineer at a small company and while college as an intern electrical engineer for the global leader in railroad maintenance construction.

I attended technical college for electrical engineering in Linz, currently I'm working on my master's degree in information security at Danube University Krems.

My hobbies are aviation, warbirds, traveling to the north, biking, cinema and theatre