Andreas Nordin

Stockholm, SWE

We rewind the time til when I was 15 years old. I was a real talent in drawing and I was going to decide what I would work with in the future.

The easy road would have been just to ride on my skills in art but something told me not to do it. What I did instead was attending the hardest program, natural science, as far away from being creative you can come. All basing on facts and logic.

I wanted a challenge. And when setting up my first real goal in life I got something to strive for.

The goal was to be best in school to draw and pain eventhough I ddin't go on artclasses I managed to achieve my goal.

This period in life has been the foundation for what I do now.

I've learned that you need to chase what you want and not wait for it to come to you. And something that I really want is new experiences which I always have back in my mind when doing decisions.

I've since then done military service and lead a group of 14 people, taken truck driver-licence, worked abroad, started my own company. Worked as a freelancer, consultant and just love to test out new stuff.

As of right now I am really curious in finding new ways to run an online-business. How to make your company different, to take a stand and to touch upon the visitors emotions.

  • Work
    • Freelancing webdesigner
  • Education
    • eCommerce Business Program, Hyper Island