Andre Beraldino

São Paulo, Sp, Brasil

André Beraldino (born June 1st, 1983) is a Brazilian music producer, composer, singer and songwriter, better known by his stage name AB. He is an artist in the electronic genre, yet has assumed different roles throughout the years in many bands and lucrative projects.

As a score composer, his curriculum vita includes score production on award winning films short-movies, TV shows, Jingles and Commercials.

AB is a renowned hero amongst producers and clubbers worldwide. One of AB's known signatures is his sophisticated use of the production technique called the stutter edit. It consists of taking small fragments of sound and then repeating those fragments rhythmically.

He launched himself to new heights upon winning the international Stutter Edit Contest (2011), presented by the highly acclaimed Grammy nominated trance artist, Brian Transeau, aka BT.

Later, AB was a TOP 10ner winning the Honorable Mention in another opportunity with his very commented REMIX to BT’s The Emergency. His entry was chosen by the esteemed judges out of all the entries submitted to Indaba Music.

Still in 2011, AB's highly commented remixes to renowned artists such as Paul Simon, Alicia Keys, Jessica Sutta and Nesta Rae were released on Indaba Music placing him right next great names of the Electronica internationally.

In 2010, AB released his first album, "Främling" which exhibits an integrated overview of his realm of expertise to date. A few months later, he began pointing higher with new productions featuring innovations and new twists!

In early 2011, he was a winner in the international competition promoted by his idol BT, Brian Transeau (the "Stutter Edit Contest") with his original track "Good News". Along with this, AB becomes a world reference with his innovative use of stutters in his productions.

Later, his much commented REMIX to BT's "The Emergency" ends in the TOP10 on Indaba Music assuring him an honorable mention and recognition for his significant work.

Still in 2011, AB had the opportunity to work with Paul Simon, Alicia Keys, Jessica Sutta, Nesta Rae and Andrew Tonanni, remixing their music and staying on the top of leaderboards worldwide.

In 2012 releases his highly anticipated album NECTAR! This new work features an aesthetic focused on the current elect