Andrei Grosu

Frankfurt Germany

Andrei has 10+ years of experience with project management in the field of development cooperation working with donor agencies’ management, administrative procedures and technical requirements (EU, World Bank, GIZ, etc.) in Romania, Republic of Moldova, Serbia, Albania, Spain, Brussels (European Commission) thus showing a proven ability to work in intercultural teams.

Andrei’s expertise in the field of project acquisition covers:

* Networking with partner companies, formation of consortia;
* Expert search, negotiation and recruitment of experts;
* Technical and financial preparation of proposals for international financing institutions such as EU, World Bank, GIZ;
* Tender coordination;
* Fact finding missions and business intelligence;
* Budget planning.

Andrei’s expertise in project management covers:

* Contract management with donors and partners;
* Project planning and supervision;
* Budget management and control;
* Recruiting of experts;
* Public relations and networking;
* Project monitoring and evaluation, quality assurance of deliverables;
* Execution of backstopping missions and short-term consultancy missions.