Andres David Peter Limon

Louisville KY

Raised from a traditional household of 8, Andres Limon indulged his early years in academics. Andres Limon has received well over one hundred nominations accounted in leadership skills, presidential awards & recognition in being actively involved in the local communities. At the age of 16, he became fascinated with investment, aiding his father in 401K/stock investments; his knowledge in the Finance field grew rapidly. Andres Limon filed copyrights at the age of 19 for logos/emblems/trademark representation on disposable plastic cups. The areas copyrighted include the fields of collegiate, business & professional athleticism. After 2 years of legitimizing his copyrights, he reached senior status double majoring in Corporate Finance & Market Research at the University of Notre Dame. He dropped his job with United Parcel Service in pursuit of copyrights established in contract with Solo & Gameday corporations. Andres Limon stands as an active board-member of collegiate affairs for the corporations. Andres Limon also led South Bend/Mishawaka/Granger areas in benefits supporting veterans & their families who suffer PTSD under A&M; Promotions in Indiana. Andres Limon expanded his contributions and skills by becoming active project manager for Turner Construction under the R.R.S.A, aiding homeowners in the course of property restoration after natural disasters throughout the United States. As project manager, Andres Limon managed residential & commercial projects with local restoration companies to optimize property restoration and ensure each property is safe, regulated and up to code. His residencies include Chicago, IL, South Bend, IN, Dayton, OH, St Louis, MO & Louisville, KY. Within the year, Andres has invested/partnered with Allen Roofing, Andrew's Roofing, Shelter Insurance & RiverCity Remodeling as a 3C Network Account Executive/ CFO to each business under management. His target is refining the Construction/Remodeling Industry and creating unity under a network ensuring homeowners/commercial properties are taken care of under Diamond-Standard warranties & production under the 3C. Entering 2014, Andres invested into Kudzu Construction and later found his calling in finance under Turner Construction & Engineering through the project of Notre Dame. Currently Andres is in pursuit of his CPA in Indiana and serves as an active member in the AICPA and INCPAS organizations.

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