Andrés Julián Gómez Montes

Bogotá, Colombia

IN ENGLISH (acceda aquí a mi Perfil en Español):

Andrés Julián is a Consultant in Internet, Technology and Business Innovation Strategies. He is a Systems and Computer Engineer with a minor in Business Administration and is an E-Commerce Specialist (Universidad de los Andes). Also he has over 15 years of experience creating and leading business projects in various sectors, most of them linked to the Internet. Currently he is the Director at 360° Consulting, a business unit of Inversiones Gómez Montes S.A.S. In this position he leads consulting endeavors in major organizations in Colombia and other countries.

Andrés defines himself as an Entrepreneur and constantly writes about this in An Entrepreneur Blog. Additionally he's an Analyst (Columnist) and a Permanent Advisor of the newspaper La República. He is a University Teacher at Universidad Javeriana (Bogotá, Colombia) and constantly dictates lectures at forums, and other type of courses for organizations such as the Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce and the Association of Alumni of Universidad de los Andes - Uniandinos.

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  • Work
    • Teacher
  • Education
    • Systems and Computer Enginner
    • E-Commerce Specialist
    • Business Administration Minor