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Andrew Constantine

CIO Cyber Security in Sydney, Australia

Andrew Constantine

CIO Cyber Security in Sydney, Australia

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Andrew Constantine is an author, investor, technology enthusiast and passionate cyber security advisor and educator.

Starting his business at the age of 24, Andrew built a program assisting technology leaders and senior executives prevent cyber security threats and now turning it into a multi-million dollar business.

Following the launch of CIO Cyber Security, a private advisory firm designed to help fellow technology enthusiasts protect their businesses from cyber threats.

In 2017, Andrew has decided to take his brand global and assist over 100,000 senior technology leaders around the world discover the CIO Solution for success.

Andrew, has launched "The world's first 24-hour cyber security channel for technology enthusiasts". Now being accessible on all smart devices and soon will broadcast to over 100 countries across the globe.

Andrew's success has seen him being interviewed on Sunrise, BRW, AFR, BOSS, Wealth Creator, The Morning Show, Radio 2UE, and many more.

Andrew is a philanthropist, he loves to help charities and supporting children with, medical attention and education. His biggest passion is giving back as much as he's received and believes firmly everyone has an opportunity.

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