Andrew Cotton

Louisville KY

Congratulations to you, whether looking for this or not, you have just landed your eyes on a gold mine of entertainment, spontaneity, mixed in with a little bit of genius; maybe a very little bit of genius. Regardless of your gender situation, you are about to embark on a man-venture. I like the term 'Mind over matter', for the world is full of matter, but it's the unseen that makes that same world worth while. It's not that I don't care about the matter, I simply try to choose the right matter to value. For instance, physical health comes and goes, but thy body is thy temple. Housing the metaphysical power of grace, love, integrity, and morality; the body matters. So the question of the day, the month, the year, the millennium, or maybe just the moment; who is Andrew Cotton? I grew up in Owensboro, Kentucky, a small town on the banks of the Ohio River. The bedrock of who I am, and in what I believe, was installed into my heart and mind through loving parents, and an incredible sister and role model. Hopefully this blog in its entirety will show you more than just this personally written blurb about myself. Some things you can expect are a few opinions articles and a lot of pictures! My personal interests include pretty much anything FUN! More specifically, I enjoy the sport of basketball, which comes with the territory of living in Kentucky. My playing days are over though, and I currently train and compete in triathlons. From time to time, I will escape the asphalt to the great outdoors! I love to ski, go mountain biking, and trail running. Outside the realm of physical activity, I also play and am an aficionado of piano, I enjoy good food, and value philanthropy. Exploring entrepreneurial ideas to make money for the sake of those same unseen metaphysical ideals mentioned earlier is a natural hobby. I am taking classes at the University of Louisville and work at Norton's Brownsboro Hospital in the neuro-diagnostic department. So without further ado, enjoy the blogging!

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