Andrew Green

I am Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder of My Planet LIFE a UK based company that is promoting the evolution of the social media industry.

Our premier cloud platform launch - dbee - a debate & rate social network that creates quality discussion and feedback on any topic. It's mezzanine level connectivity draws in live feeds from Twitter and enables wide ranging discussion from multiple social media platforms.

On a social level it has brought together intellectual debate/conversation from across the globe. But on a corporate level it is being used as brand vs customer relationship engagement tool, a market research forum, a cloud based intranet for staff connectivity and much more!

We have created a virtual 'fly on the wall' for organisations to bring people together.

It is exciting times for our company.

On a personal level I'm a student in the art of magic, lover of all things gadget and an experienced traveller. The world is my lobster...