“Ensured supply continuity and helped us keep our promise to the customer.”

–Armando Zagalo De Lima, President of technology, Xerox Corporation

My name is Andrew Herren and I am an engineer. Not just by trade, but by birth. You see, I’m one of those strange individuals who was literally born to design, build, and create… to twist and contort the present until it begins to resemble the future that I want to see. Even as a child, if I wanted something, I built it. From toys, to arcade machines, to computers, I designed, built, and hacked until my fantasies were reality. eventually I went on to get my formal training from Oregon State University where I received bachelors degrees in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science, all the while continuing my own “tinkering” on the side.

Today I use these skills working with everyone from fortune 500 companies, to small startups with only a couple of employees, …to help make problems disappear. Be it “inventing a better mousetrap”, creating solutions where none existed before, or performing root cause analysis on existing designs to “smooth out the rough edges”, I see solutions where others see problems.

  • Education
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Computer Engineering
    • Computer Science