Andrew Middleton

GIS Specialist and GIS Analyst in Oakland, California

Like many in the geospatial field, I started by majoring in Environmental Science and then getting distracted by the incredible power of Geographic Information Systems. After college I spent four years in industry using GIS and CAD to draft utility infrastructure, work with and handle data, manage projects and navigate complex bureaucracy. More recently I've gotten to use my science background and field experience in concert with the skills I've learned in industry to work in a fast paced environmental consulting world. I loved being able to build products in a field where customers are demanding, the results need to be functional AND pretty and where understanding context is critical to delivering a quality product. Now I work on contract for Apple Maps but I can't say too much about that. Suffice to say I love challenges, learning new skills to stay current in the field and never having to settle into a specialty at the expense of science, nature, economics and sociology.

  • Work
    • Apple Inc.
  • Education
    • BS Environmental Conservation, University of New Hampshire