Andrew Reimer

Andrew Reimer

Andrew Reimer is the world’s leading expert in front line sales management. "I help Sales Managers transcend from being great sales people so that they excel in leading and managing their sales teams."

For over thirty years he has assessed, trained and coached sales managers in businesses large and small. Originally from California, Andrew has been based in Australia for the past twenty years is now an internationally acknowledged sales management expert.

“Implementation is everything,” says Andrew, “Find it at"

Sales Management Solved is a comprehensive framework that helps sales managers master all of the functions of sales management in a structured sequence for success. The three Pillars of the Framework support the ultimate sales strategy – customer partners who solicit business for their suppliers! An entrepreneurial sales team is created by establishing a point of difference from the competition, salesperson performance management, and prioritisation of the real drivers of high sales performance. Andrew Reimer provides a sales management definition and details sales talent management techniques that work in 2014!

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