Andrew Wu

London, United Kingdom

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I'm a PhD student at the Francis Crick Institute, working in the Cell Fate and Gene Regulation Lab with Dr. Folkert van Werven. I'm studying the molecular mechanisms of transcription, gene expression, and cell fate decisions in budding yeast.

I recently finished a BSc Biochemistry degree at UCL.

I love science, and try to understand the complexities of life one molecule at a time. The regulation of gene expression is a fascinating process that underlies cellular events in all organisms. I'm particularly interested in how eukaryotic genes can be repressed through lncRNAs using budding yeast as a model system.

Previously, I did a summer project on the structures of large transcriptional coactivators at the Institute of Structural and Molecular Biology (ISMB UCL/Birkbeck) with Dr. Alan Cheung.

I then completed my final year research project on the signalling functions of tight junction-associated MARVEL proteins (TAMPs) at epithelial tight junctions, with Prof. Karl Matter at the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology.

I live in London, but grew up in Vancouver and speak fluent Cantonese. Originally planning to become an astronaut as a child, an impactful UBC Biochemistry professor convinced me otherwise.

In my free time, I love to fence, cycle, and enjoy good coffee. My favourite proteins are pikachurin and RNA polymerase.

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    • The Francis Crick Institute
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    • University College London