Andrew Climance

Manchester, England

As a youngster, I made dens, played football, ran around with sticks-for-guns and scraped my knees. I made good friends, some of whom are still good friends, and my memories of life in 1970s Liverpool are fond and heart-warming.

Things change; life is change. At age 11, I moved to Essex and high school. I settled fairly quickly and became Form Captain, played football and rugby and cricket, and became a gymnast (hard to believe now).

Then it was my turn to change. With friends, I formed band after band and, inspired by Bowie, The Cure and, unashamedly, Rush, began to write songs and poems.

Somehow, in my twenties, I stumbled into journalism and have been there ever since.

Having enjoyed a career in journalism for over twenty years, fifteen in a management capacity, and specialising in producing concise and effective editorial under the strictest of deadlines, I continue to enjoy the creativity and emotive power of the written word.

I have contributed to the success of magazines covering construction and housebuilding, education, disability issues and the retail and leisure sectors.

I am also a writer whose published works include collections of poetry, short stories and a children’s book. Recently, I realised a long-standing ambition to create a free online showcase for unsigned, unpublished and self-published poets and authors under my own Squid Inc folio – giving voice to many new and exciting writers.

I still love music and what’s written in ink.