Andrew Gallagher


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What do I do?

I weave dreams & organise chaos. I simplify the complex, improve the status quo & help you work towards the 'future' that could be.

What exactly do I do?

What I'm really good at is working with people to gather ideas (or issues) & then I help structure them into a manageable cohesive picture.

Its about themes, visions, building blocks & roadmaps. Its about accepting things as they are, aiming for simplicity & listening to the people who know your business.

How do I do it?

I listen, ask questions & then listen again. I need to listen because I'm not the expert - you & your people are. After that I help clarify, classify & sort.

Can't anyone do that?

Some can but not all. Truth is we all have strengths & weaknesses & some of you aren't naturals at this - you are too 'into' detail or too occupied 'doing' to see what I can see.

A simple summary......

I approach you & your people with humility, naivety & wonder. I use a mix of tact, collaboration & genuine interest to help identify opportunities & problems. I overlay these with your vision & like magic together we create a roadmap that helps your organisation navigate a world of change.

Am I available to everyone?

No. I have strong principles & choose not to work with some.

Can I be hired?

I have a full time gig but it doesnt preclude small opportunities especially for community, not for profits & volunteer organisations. It never hurts to ask.


For over 25 years I've worked for organisations that are changing; organisations that are dreaming of a different tomorrow. My experience spans finance, telcos, not for profits & professional services in Australia, New Zealand & the UK.

I've been involved with all areas of change including strategy formulation, requirements & gap analysis, organisational change mangement, project management, testing, programme office & governance.