Andrew Stevens

United States

Andrew Stevens managed the operational tempo and scope of work for all of Team Rubicon’s field missions, designed the policies and procedures for response and recovery operations, and oversaw the training pipeline for Team Rubicon’s 13,000 volunteers. After serving with Team Rubicon for 3 years and carrying the leading role as Director of Field Operations, Team Rubicon tremendously increased its operational capacity and successfully completely numerous domestic and international missions, to include nationwide responses to Superstorm Sandy and Moore, OK tornadoes, Team Rubicon's largest and most successful missions to date.

With a background and education in emergency/disaster management, Andrew previously worked for the State of Alaska Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHS&EM) as the State Planner for Critical Infrastructure Protection and the Community Emergency Planner. During his previous work with DHS&EM, Stevens co-authored the State of Alaska Emergency Operations Plan (EOP), developed the framework for the State’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Plan, and chaired the Alaska Partnership for Infrastructure Protection.

A former U.S. Marine, he acted as an Assistant Operation Chief and react team leader for Tango 5/11 during the initial assault on Iraq in 2003. Andrew has traveled to over 40 countries, including four international Team Rubicon missions and assessments. He's the father to two fascinating, high-energy boys and serves as a subject matter expert to the National VOAD.