Andrew M Bain

Andrew Bain has been teaching full-time at Queensland Theological College (QTC) since 2008. He primarily lectures in Church History, as well as doing some some teaching in Doctrine & Philosophy. Andrew also serves as Academic Dean at QTC. The college is owned and operated by the Presbyterian Church of Queensland, and is the leading Reformed evangelical college in Queensland. Andrew's teaching colleages at QTC include Gary Millar (Principal), Wesley Redgen, Leigh Trevaskis, Mark Baddeley (coming soon!), Bruce Winter, Phil Campbell, Phil Strong, Lesleigh Hall, and Stuart Hoadley. Prior to joining QTC, Andrew was an assistant pastor on the NSW Central Coast. He previously worked in the economic policy area and in project management with the Queensland Government. He holds first class honours degrees in History and Theology, as well as a doctorate in the theology of the Latin Church Fathers and other degrees in economics, management, and adult education. Andrew grew up in the bayside suburbs of Brisbane and is married to Robyn, with two daughters.

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