Andrew Gavin

Volunteer, Small Business Owner, and Realtor in San Diego, California

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Greetings, I’m Andrew and I am part of a mission with my wife Maribel, to help positively impact a small city of just 8 square miles. Kids in low income cities, and from ethnic decent have the highest chances of getting diabetes. Cycling changed my life for the better and I have spent years working with the American Diabetes Association on committees to help raise money for Diabetes research, and the one biggest factor in fighting diabetes is exercise. The ADA suggests cycling as a form of exercise that can help fight the onset of diabetes. The Bikes 4 Kids Charity is helping change lives by getting kids that without us, would probably never get the chance to own or ride bikes on regular basis. If you want to make a difference and help kids develop healthy habits while enjoying their childhood, then please help us by donating any amount. Even $1 will make a difference

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