Andrew Hessel

NYC, SFO, flying overhead somewhere

I co-founded the Pink Army Cooperative. We're working to crowdsource cancer therapies by building a kickass automated process that can churn out state-of-the-art custom treatments for one person at a time. Cancer's sneaky, but no match for an army of cancer-fighting tech ninjas.

I am a Distinguished Research Scientist at Autodesk in their shiny new Bio/Nano Programmable Matter group. Our team is building software for the rapid prototyping of nanoscale machines and living systems with devices like 3D bio-printers and DNA synthesizers. Seriously cool stuff. Brrr.

Basically, I look at cells as miniature factories that are programmable with DNA. I champion open source biotech and DIYbio and encourage young people to explore programs like iGEM or Biomod to build and hone their skills.

Faculty at Singularity University, I speak about the exponential growth of biotechnologies and what this means to the world. The university is based at the NASA Ames research center in California and the programs are often described as "mind-blowing".

My days consist of speaking, networking, and catalyzing activity in biotechnology. This keeps me very busy. One moment, I'm helping a startup get going. Another, I'm talking to a film director. Or NASA genius. No recession here. (Might want to think about that.)

If you are interested in a speaking gig, brainstorm, or whatever please contact me at ahessel (at) I tend to avoid phones since they are not a globally useful network.

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