Andrew Savage

San Francisco, California

I'm a business and career coach based in San Francisco. I spent the first 5 years of my work life as a special projects consultant, helping dozens of tech companies like Yelp, Airbnb, and Uber grow and develop their business all over the world.

It was in that role that I realized two things about most startups:

1) It's ridiculously difficult for employers to find the right talent - and moreover, even harder to get that talent to stick around for very long before they burnout and leave, and 2) Most employees have a tremendously difficult time managing their personal lives & professional goals amidst the all-consuming demands of the startup work environment.

My job is to work with those companies and their employees to help employees become more engaged, efficient, and productive at work while also bringing more balance to their personal lives - significantly benefiting both employee and employer in the long run.

I also work with individuals who are looking to change jobs and/or careers altogether, helping them find or rediscover what an awesome work life would look like for them - and then creating a plan to make it happen.