Andrew Schreck

Metro Detroit

I live in the suburbs, but proudly say I'm from Detroit. I have my whole life.

I like good food; good beer; good whisky & whiskey; strong coffee; and, grilled, smoked and BBQ'ed food.

I'm interested in everything, even things that don't interest me. Actual things that I like and that occupy my time: My family and everything we do together. Baseball, the Tigers and my son's team. Reading, a lot. No really, all the time.

I wish I currently traveled more with my wife and kids, but I've seen a lot of the world so far so I don't complain too much. I'm a born-again novice fly fisherman. I now camp in tents that you can stand up in. I've always had a thing for quirky hatchbacks and station wagons, especially if they have AWD.

I work in marketing and communications. I was the guy in the office people usually asked tech questions, but now I work for myself; I hope their computer/smartphone/Twitter account/tech press release/et. al. is fine.

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    • Marketing and Communications