Andrew Trappen

Recruiter, Small Business Owner, and career coach in Redmond, Washington

Born and raised in Silicon Valley, I married the perfect woman and am so blessed to now live in the beauty of Washington, the emerald state.

Professionally, I am a recruiter of talent and broker of opportunity with experience in agency and in corporate staffing at Cisco Systems and Microsoft Corporation. This is an exciting season of my life having ended nearly 12 years with Microsoft very recently. In addition to seeking my next challenging recruiting leadership role, my wife and I are in early stages of starting a business wrapped around a shared passion of ours, Wine.

For pleasure, I play Gretsch drums and recently part of two start up bands, one rock cover band, one an original project. I love to cook the french or northwest breakfasts and steak from the grill and cast iron. If you have not yet tried aging steak at home, you are missing out; check out my links and email me if you want advice.

Hiking, golfing, fishing and rough-housing with our dogs are among some of my other favorite pastimes.

Most of all, I love spending quality time with my wife. Whether we are wine tasting, touring Europe, unplugging in Mexico, walking the myriad of Puget Sound trails with our dogs, or hanging at home, our time together is life's best reward.

My wife and I give through Champions Foundation ( to support our local and global communities. Consider giving if you do not already; it helps you as much as it helps those you give to.