Andrew Tzionis

United Kingdom

I've got three amazing and beautiful daughters, and an incredible wife who (as she quite rightly claims) is the neck that keeps my head in place. Everything I do, every decision I make ripples back to my family unit, so I do my utmost to ensure I get it right more often than I don't.

The digital space is my playground and second greatest love. I live it, breathe it, respect it, and constantly find ways to nurture it. I have had the privilege of running two successful businesses that allowed me to hone and harness my skills and put that knowledge to work for others, with significant and measurable rewards. I'm now onto my third company: 4Shades. I've created micro social networks, CMS and ERP systems, new marketplaces, generated mass awareness, and educated businesses on best practices directly or as a key speaker at events and seminars. I've picked up a few awards, but perhaps what is most appealing are all the friends I've made along the way.

There is no industry quite like this: it takes rule-breakers with big ideas, skill, and patience to tap into this ocean of resources and ideas.

For me, every working day is a journey, every challenge a dive into discovery. And I am never disappointed with what I find.

  • Work
    • 4Shades Limited