Andrew C. Wallace

Filmmaker, Auto Restoration, and Writer in Los Angeles, California

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Andrew C. Wallace is fascinated by old cars, loud noises, and the never-ending Ford-Chevy rivalry. If Andrew's personal garage is any indication, it should be clear which side he falls on...

Andrew's current project is a 1966 Ford Mustang, affectionately nicknamed the Disgustang due to its previously disastrous, nasty state of existence at the time he acquired it. Now a few years into the project, completion is still far in the distance, but it's in sight.

Andrew shares his own personal experiences in the hope that others can avoid the pitfalls and potholes he has hit in the past. Even though he’s been mired in restoration hell for the past few years, Andrew has already aquired his next restoration project, a 1959 Edsel.

Educated at Duke University (Economics, BA 2006) but born and raised in California, Andrew has worked in the finance and film industries. He began his career at UBS Financial Services and then after the 2008 economic downturn threatened to leave his division without strong leadership, he chose to return to Los Angeles to forge a career in the motion picture business with his father and brother.

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