Andria Hall

Business Intelligence Developer, Data Scientist in Pearland, Texas

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Data Science Intelligence used to Develop Data Products, Reproducible Research, Statistical Inference, Practical Machine Learning, perform Exploratory Data Analysis as well as Forecasting and made possible by development tools such as RStudio and Shiny Application, provides the solution to future challenges of making effective decisions, that are functional, specific, measureable, accurate, useful and appropriate and will revolutionize industries from business to government, academia to healthcare.

Within the healthcare industry, as large amount of heterogeneous medical data has become available through (payers, providers, pharmaceuticals), they can be an enabling resource that will exponentiate the thinking patterns of its decision makers, enabling the industry to derive insights for improving care delivery, reducing waste while minimizing healthcare cost.

This technique can also maximize profit. Working for an engineering company in Jamaica, using problem-solving analytical skills and data structure, I was able to decipher the strengths and weaknesses of the company's performance measurement in bidding for engineering contracts which resulted in them been awarded a contract valued JMD$2.7 billion by strengthening the weakness.

Data Science Intelligence, another derivative term for smart data, is now the solution-base of all 'why' questions and the need for solutions to complex questions. it leverages the thinking patterns of all enthusiasts and the creative concepts of all entrepreneurs.

  • Work
    • Healthcare Industry
  • Education
    • BSc. in Computing with Management Studies