Andri Koolme

Social Media Manager, Consultant, and Writer in Estonia

Andri Koolme

Social Media Manager, Consultant, and Writer in Estonia

Hi there!

I'm Andri and I'm from Estonia -- a small country where some not so small things were made, for example, Skype, TransferWise, Pipedrive, Adcash and much more.

I gained interest in tech related things really early, in the matter of fact, I started learning the alphabet and its letters on a computer keyboard at age 2.

Some years after I started researching and experimenting with all kinds of computer software+hardware. A couple of years later I started using and learning about web-related things, such as basic coding languages like HTML&CSS&PHP, content managing systems like WordPress and much, much more similar – CDNs, custom solutions, SSLs etc.

Don't know why, but I'm still extremely interested in different web hosting providers, their services, and quality, SSL certificates, and CDNs – maybe cause they're extremely important to running a successful site, but don't always get the credit. I wouldn’t call myself a professional developer, but more web enthusiast who has a deep passion for the web, tech, writing and more.

The cause of my deep love for all tech related gadgets, accessories and so on, I started a blog about those 3 years ago with very less experience, and believe or not, started getting offers to write to big-time newspapers, magazines, and online publications.

During the time I have written thousands of quality articles, and managed brands' social media accounts, provided translation services to big tech corporations, done copywriting, photography services and more... Some of my current hobbies include ranting (read: analyzing and giving advice) about other people websites, building PCs, making the web a better place, doing little gaming in spare time, comparing web hosting plans, companies, servers etc, think about new services/site ideas that people would need and would not be suicide to make.

In addition to that, I enjoy traveling (usually just working in a hotel room or lobby most of the time :) ), dealing with pets, fixing other people’s web(site) issues and advising about everything that is tech and web related. I believe that everything that you could possibly think of, can be achieved with right attitude, knowledge (and budget :) ).

Some of my clients include Acer, Tele2, Beehosting, Eesti Päevaleht, Digi and others.

Drop me a line if you've any oppurtunties, want to hire me etc.