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Andy Belk

Andy Belk

After spending five years at CERN, I miraculously ended up with a PhD in Particle Physics, despite much time spent on Alpine slopes. So my career options were limited - what to do ? Go to work for a Swiss investment bank of course, writing trading software for exotic instruments (no mortgages were foreclosed on by my software, I emphasize). From Swiss Bank London, via Chicago (too flat) to the West Coast (beats British weather by a long shot), I ended up at NeXT, and thence Apple. After a brief foray into the startup world at Azul Systems, I returned to Apple working on Synchronization for five years, and am now Engineering Manager on Apple TV.

Got into kitesurfing initially on a family trip to Belize, followed by some outings with fellow 3rd-avenuers to South Padre and La Ventana.

My other passion is trail running, for which I am again spoilt by living in the Bay Area.

Curently training for a triathlon to raise money for Leukemia and Lymphoma research: