Andy Meehan

I create connection, inspiration, innovation & deliver ambitious results for my clients & customers.


The products I have conceived & produced have touched the lives of over 250 million people and helped forge meaningful connections and inspiration. Greeting Cards, Stationery & Now... Adult Coloring products for all types of retailers!


At Netcito I am privileged to work on connecting talented entrepreneurs to forums of their peers enabling a successful journey in building their team and company.


Storytelling for entrepreneurs! We believe sharing stories about the trials and tribulations of starting a company is a powerful experience. We want to hear about the big wins and the crushing failures, what was learned and and what was lost.

Hobbies & Interests

I founded and run "Business Book Discussions of Philadelphia". With my wife I love eating out at great restaurants, attending concerts, hiking, biking and experiencing all that Philly has to offer. Love Ted Talks and listening to podcasts like Great Lives, Desert Island Discs, This American Life etc