Andy Dé

"Renaissance-Man", Mystic & Wayfarer in Dallas, Texas

Andy Dé

"Renaissance-Man", Mystic & Wayfarer in Dallas, Texas

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"Renaissance Man", Bon Vivant, Mystic, and Wayfarer, in Pursuit of Bliss and the 'Celebration of Life'!



✓ Passionate Healthcare Innovation Visionary, Thought Leader, Blogger, and Evangelist; Avid Reader, occasional Poet.

✓ Professional Blog [] and Twitter [@HITstrategy] audience across 47 countries; referenced by the Harvard Medical School, the Ohio State University (OSU), the University of Western Ontario (UWO), HIMSS, the Washington Post et al.

✓ Three (3) Masters Degrees on coveted Scholarships in Business and Engineering, from leading Schools in the US, Canada, and Israel.

✓ Lived, studied, and worked in four (4) countries in the last 20 years - USA, Canada, Israel, and India. Dual citizen of the US and Canada.

✓ Proficient in five (5) languages - English, French, Hindi/Urdu, Marathi and Bengali. Working on Spanish, Gujarati, Italian, & Hebrew.

✓ Cinephile, World Music Curator, and reputed Bollywood DJ ["DJ Fever"] in Dallas, TX.

✓ Culinary Anthropologist, Eclectic Foodie and Critic - founded an exclusive "Private Zagat like" Foodie Network for Dallas, TX, ['DALLAS -The Foodie's Paradise'] on Facebook.

✓ Intrepid Wayfarer and Award winning Photo Journalist. "Bucket List" below.

✓ Experiential Mystic in the Pursuit of 'Self-Realization' and 'Perpetual Bliss', thru 'Alchemy of the Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul'.



✓ The Greek Islands - Crete, Argos, Hydra, Mykonos & Santorini*.

✓ The Italian & French Riviera, the Amalfi Coast, Corsica, Sicily & Palermo.

✓ The Scandinavian Peninsula - Finland, Denmark, Norway & Sweden.

✓ Japan, China & Korea.

✓ Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Chile & Cuba.

✓ The Iberian Peninsula - Spain* & Portugal*.

✓ Vienna*, Salzburg, Prague*, Dubrovnik, Budapest, Sofia, & Bratislava.

✓ Turkey, Egypt, Jordan & Morocco.

✓ Australia & New Zealand.

✓ Patagonia, Fiji, Tahiti, & the Galapagos Islands.

✓ India - Rajasthan* via 'The Palace on Wheels', Kashmir, Goa*, Kerala, Ladakh, & the Sunderbans.

* Encore expeditions


" À Bientôt / Ciao / Sayonara / Hasta La Vista!"

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    • Harvard Business School
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