Andy Thornton

I began my career in London and, like many people in IT at that time (well, old people) , I primarily worked on mainframe database design. Before moving into consultancy as a database architect and information security. In the latter half of the nineties I finally settled down with on-line application development and information architecture on the web, which involved far less pulling of cables under floorboards and less risk of electrocution.

Prior to the millennium, my primary focus was on Microsoft technologies (IIS / ASP / VB / .Net / SQL server). However for the last few years my attention has been steadily shifting more towards the open source end of the industry with technologies such as PHP, Python, Linux and LAMP Stacks.

More recently, I have continued my career in web application programming ranging across a wide selection of server architecture and languages. I am adept at organic search engine optimization, social media marketing, usability and development for mobile platforms, security and performance optimization.
I am an ardent Linux and open source enthusiast since the early 90’s, I fuel my passion for all things related to web development by giving back to the community. I have been a regular speaker at open-source events like Drupalcamp Atlanta.
In Oct 1999 I met my wife and moved from London to Atlanta where I currently live and work and continuously complain about the heat.