Wear WC

​Hunger is a problem in every community, big or small and many times it is hidden. Parents will go without food so their children can eat and have a roof over their head. Food banks need ongoing support to meet the growing need and that's why we built Wearable Charitables'; to keep food on the shelves so no one goes to school, work or to bed hungry.

​All profits from Wearable Charitables t-shirts, hats, hoodies and printing Jobs, is directed to food banks in our community. Company founder Andy Duchesne says he wants to be the first brand geared to ending hunger.

​The company offers a tee to fit everyone - Company's, musicians, skateboarders, BMXers and gamers. Buying and wearing the message ts puts food on someone's plate, it could be helping someone you know who would never ask for a hand out.

​Wearable Charitables wants to print your team, event and band t-shirts and jerseys so your business can also play a part in 'sticking it to hunger'