Angad Mathur

Born in 1987 in Lucknow, India, I moved to the USA with his family when I was six years old. While in India, I was taught to speak and read both Hindi and English and was also schooled in advanced arithmetic, though some of those awesome mental math skills were lost in time. As an artist and developer, I create everything from posters to mobile applications, and sometimes even excel in portrait photography. I attend Columbia College Chicago and is graduating with a Bachelors of Arts in Interactive Arts and Media, this May. I am currently working on an app idea that provides the users of Android phones the ability to tell time! (In short, a clock app) I am also currently working on an interactive advertising campaign for the Chicago International Music and Movies Festival. I am the Project Manager for that client and am currently working on a mobile site for them. I am also responsible for various backend tasks which have yet to be assigned. I find myself attracted to many different kinds of music. While being from two different countries, I am able to speak three languages and as such, listen to many different genres of music.