Ange Mihigo Bandefu

Student, Web Developer, and Designer in Johannesburg, Gauteng

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Hi there! My name is Ange Octavio M Bandefu. I am a student, brother, uncle and most of all a good person. I grew up with my mom and my four brothers. I have not had the chance to see my mom's father because he passed away when I was some months old, but my mom's mother yes! She is so sweet! I love her very much. I'm the last born in my mom's side of the family. I'm a calm person, people say that I'm shy, but I'm not. I put myself in people's shoes, so I understand people.

I have friends and I enjoy being with them we play soccer, we talk, we have fun together. I'm a fast learner, I learned computer myself. Computer is me that is what I do. I do well in school.
In school I met new friends in another country. In the beginning it was a bit hard but I moved on. My brother published a book in French, French speakers can help me buy it the book's name is "Au Clair De Ma Voix" go to please.

I now work for a company called Bwoss Business Enterprise as a publicist. Please visit

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