Angela Ashton

Manchester - United Kingdom

I am passionate about looking after my health on the inside as well as the outside. This is why I got involved in a company with the same kind of drive and ambition.

I have been involved in alsorts of network marketing companies over the years and 3 years ago I was introduced to dōTERRA by my sister in Australia and from that day on I haven't look back. I had heard of essential oils before but I didn't know you were supposed to receive any health benefits from them, I just thought they were for making rooms smell nice!

well I have truelly been converted and now I wouldn't go any where without my oils and I try to educate any one who would care to listen about their amazing health benefits. If you care about your health and the health of others around you then take the time to read about the health benefits you could be reeiving but be very careful when you choose to buy as a oil at £2.00 is not the same as an oil costing £10.00 or more pounds. dōTERRA oils are certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

I can't think of a better job to have in life than helping people regain their health and not only that make an income from it too.

I plan on going places with dōTERRA's help and you are most welcome to join me, all it takes is a passion for good health and a far better way of life than the one your presently living.

dōTERRA have a high retention rate. They offer excellent training and support, a Loyalty Reward Points system and bonus plan. They are only 5 years young and already heading towards becoming a 1$B Company!

Your welcome to drop by anytime and change your future.

Good Health & Prosperity to you.