Angela Kirke RD, LD

Pauda, Italy

I’m presently a new blogger, writer, and avid lover of all things Italian. I recently moved to Italy for new work opportunities and for love. As I wait for the approval of the Minister of Health in Rome to approve my RD credential here, I have decided to begin to work on my own as an entrepreneur in Italy as an American Registered Dietitian.

My husband is of Italian decent and moving to the Veneto region was an easy decision as you can see by the photo of the Euganei Hills. 30 minutes from Venice, 20 minutes from Vicenza, 15 minutes from Padua, 1 hour from Florence/Parma and 3 hours from Milano..who can resist all the possibilities. Amidst the love of the country and slowly learning this beautiful language, I have learned so much about the culture and food. Now I have decided to take a venture of sharing it with those who may be interested in a unique and creative way.

I have over 14 years experience in the nutrition and wellness industries. One of my last positions was in Integrative Medicine and showing clients how to eat for health and prevention of disease. This is my passion.

How time has flown by and the wonderful people and experiences along the way has made me become the professional I am today. I have many doctors, allied health professionals, ministers/priests, dietitians, and educators and friends to thank for the amazing journey of learning/colaboration. I decided also to obtain further education in the business arena a few years ago, so online school for my MBA in entrepreneurship is almost completed as I felt I needed more knowledge.

Before moving to Italy, I was a clinical/wellness dietitian for major hospitals in Houston, TX for more than 13 years. Now I have a dream to be able to share something I am passionate about through social media in Italy of all places as an entrepreneurial dietitian.

Creating a new blog Americandietitianinitaly will allow me to jump right into a new venture as a full-time entrepreneur and expand my social network for possible connections to help area businesses and people in this country with my expertise.

I am looking forward to this new journey and can't wait to share all that I will learn!

Healthy regards to everyone!

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    • Md Anderson Cancer Center
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    • University of Nebraska
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