Angela Mattson

Angela Mattson

I change people's lives. It's a big, bold statement for sure and one I own. The 30-second elevator speech is “I help small business owners get organized, out of overwhelm, and unstuck so they can create businesses (and lives) they love!"

In reality, I help the business owner get to the root of what's causing their overwhelm, help them get "unstuck," and moving forward. I believe the "getting organized" part is a healing. So, I ask questions. Sometimes I don’t know where they come from. I ask them anyway even if they seem stupid, obvious or weird. And it’s often in that moment that my friend or client has a significant breakthrough.

The glorious and unique thing is I'm NOT a buttoned up, Left-Brained, hyper-organized, Type-A perfectionist people. I'm an outdoorsy, creative, balance-brained person who brings organization, creativity and spirituality to all of my interactions.

I have an unusual balance of common sense and deep connection to Spirit. I’m wildly creative and organized at the same time. I’m comfortable with ambiguity when it needs to happen. I’m irreverent and diplomatic. I'm rule follower and I also totally don't care about "the establishment’s rules."

I'm a successful business owner who wants to be a farmer who dreams of being a gypsy, traveling from place to place for six months at a time to see the world. And always writing - stories, sharing observations, and coming up with new ideas.

My superpower is my ability to organize anything, but my secret power is how I help individuals free up their energy to do good work that matters to people in this world!