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Angela Renai Comer

Art Director in Brooklyn, New York

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Hey there, I’m Angela!
I’m an Art Director living in Brooklyn, NY (okay... I see you rolling your eyes at my IG, stoppit) with combined eight years of Art Direction, Photography, and Design experience.

The last few years I spent my time working as an Art Director for a Social Media Advertising company called Laundry Service. I didn't clean clothes, but I did help the company create some of the earliest brand-driven, channel-authentic, and social-forward content for brands such as LG Mobile, European Wax Center, Freixenet, and Kiss Pro Cosmetics.

I did this by becoming an expert brand storyteller that created overarching concepts that translated into decks, shot lists, and carefully curated moodboards. I would then use those to collaborate with photographers, stylists, designers, photo editors, and producers to bring it all to life.

(Important: I also became an expert in Oprah Gifs while doing some design work on OWN)

But to take you way way back, my background started in Design and Photography out west in the little old state of Oklahoma where I worked for an award winning and noteworthy midwestern Design boutique known as Funnel Design Group. While I was there I won an award or two myself for some luxurious print design, and got to work on really fun projects and exhibit designs for clients such as Science Museum Oklahoma. I even got to work on random projects of random grandchildren of Charles and Ray Eames sometimes.

If you have gotten this far and you think I am a cool chick you might want to work with, I would love to chat with you! ... or if not you can just exchange dog pictures with me if you'de like. Either is fin

  • Education
    • University of Central Oklahoma