Angela Renai Comer

Brooklyn, New York.

Creative sass, but it’s almost forgivable. I like the way things look from behind my camera. I also like my real person job - Design Director of the justifiably-esteemed Funnel Design Group. [curtsy]. But I won't be there for long! I am relocating to be yet another Midwestern transplant in Brooklyn.

I like to learn things and then obsessively talk about them. I will never apologize for my social media fascination and giving in to the latest one. I will probably want to know your life story at some point. I wear mostly black even in summer (even though it is a creative cliché). I check my ego at the door but know when to defend my ideas. Sometimes it is nice to win awards, though.

I like records and play them too loudly. My dog is tiny and adorable and will bark at you an embarrassingly long time. Recently turned 30 and found it liberating. Deathly allergic to cats. I have zero reluctance about using emojis or saying "LOL".

Be nice and get shit done is my mantra. But I also like pizza and dancing.

  • Work
    • Funnel Design Group
  • Education
    • University of Central Oklahoma