Angela Smyth

London and Hertfordshire

I am based in the Home Counties outside London, living in the cottage I always yearned for!

Having been born a 'people person', I was drawn to work in services in the public sector for many years. During that time I trained as a counsellor,and qualified as a Trainer, developing my interpersonal skills further along the way.

Subsequently as a Business Advisor and Assessor, I supported many businesses and individuals to cope with change over a period of 15 years.

My life has been full of the inevitable ups and downs we all face. Marriage, divorce, relocation, redundancy (twice!) and of course bereavement. During these times I found the support of others, including a personal coach, to be invaluable.

This led to my qualifying as a Life Coach and Personal Performance Coach before going on to qualify as an NLP Practitioner.

I believe that facing changes and setting ourselves new challenges, helps us to achieve even greater heights than we ever expected and truly be the person we are every day!

I would welocme the opportunity to offer you the support you are looking for as your personal coach!

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