Angele Lafond

Ottawa, ON

When it comes to blogger outreach and tax law, trust the leading expert!

I wear many hats in a day: Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Public speaker, Photographer. Possibly a coffee addict.

I am the award winning accountant and behind Shoebox-Be-Gone - the accounting firm that speaks human. As the leading expert in social media and tax law I bring a fresh outlook to accounting and finances. I get my clients to not only think outside the box but to step out of it for everything from pricing structure and product development to marketing strategy and brand experience. Check out my new coaching progam POOF Profit.

I have been speaking for 15 years; my wealth of knowledge and experience as well as humor and anecdotes are sure to engage any crowd.

Want a dose of funny? Check out my lifestyle humour blog, Domestique Manager, and its alter ego The Uterus.

I'm Twittered, Facebooked, and LinkedIn. Let's connect!