Angelica Suarez

Greater New York City Area

Hello! I am a student at the University of Delaware majoring in Fashion Merchandinsing. I chose my major because I believe in the power of fashion. Whether on the macro scale of a global industry or on the micro scale of an individual getting dressed in the morning, fashion has the power to shape the world we live in every single day. Fashion is a living art, and like all beautiful arts, it requires people who will develope it with love, care, and diligence.

That's where I come in!

Fashion tells a story and I want to help write it.

I am earning my Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion Merchandising and my minor in Advertising at the University of Delaware. Generally, I am most known for being a personable and friendly individual who works diligently to produce professional, high quality work—after all, it is sacred to me that any work I do should make any team, company, and myself feel proud to present. I've honed these professional skills through a variety of professional experiences here at school, in New York City, and in Paris, France. When people ask why I put so much energy and enthusiasm into my work, I explain that I want to learn as much as possible from every job opportunity I have. Learning is a passion and a privilege that I feel excited to embrace every day. Described by my peers, co-workers, family, and employers as radiant, determined, and dependable, I know I am a valuable asset to any company looking for a motivated employee dedicated to individual and group success. I have a myriad of experience in both team member and team leader rolls and thrive in both positions. Ambitious and confident, I work tirelessly to pursue my interests in fashion forecasting, editorial styling, and runway show production.

Please enjoy my professional links and have a great day!

  • Work
    • Fashion Merchandising Intern- Switch Skateboarding
  • Education
    • University of Delaware